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Surgery virus mask 6 Major Blunders From This President’s Team

Because, he is such a controversial, often – divisive, public figure, who antagonizes, and polarizes some, while being adored by his political core of supporters, when a crisis, such as this pandemic, arrives, some of his opponents, seem to, automatically, blame him. In fact, in the past few years, America’s political system has deteriorated into, blaming and complaining! It is unfair to blame this virus, on President Trump, but, this article will attempt to discuss, 6 major blunders/ strategies, etc, he, and his teams, seem guilty of. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these errors, etc, and the undesirable ramifications.

1. Fake news/ hoax: Donald Trump, constantly, refers to, anything which disagrees with him, or his personal/ political agenda, as Fake News. While, it’s annoying, destructive, divisive, and partisan politics (at its worst), it didn’t reach the level of danger, and recklessness, as it has, regarding the reaction, and preparation, for this pandemic. When the first word of the Coronavirus, became known to world leaders, Trump’s first response, was to refer to it, as a fake, hoax, being perpetuated by his political enemies. Imagine, how much better prepared, our effort, might have been, if our leader, acted more thoughtfully, and thoroughly?

2. Organizational dysfunction: No American President, in recent memory, had so many unfilled Department Chairs, as this one! His turnover of personnel, apparent disdain for science, and all the facts, thorough preparation, etc, cost, cherished planning and preparation time!

3. Reduced influence/ relocated/ and lost most of the expert members of the Pandemic Panel: While, he states, he didn’t disband the panel, but moved it, for efficiencies, the fact, it never was restored, in a meaningful way, affirms otherwise! Continuously, seeming to believe, he knows more than the so – called, experts, was certainly, at best, a blunder!

4. Weakening CDC: When a crisis appears on a horizon, we need public health experts and professionals, in place, and ready, to propose, the best way, to proceed! Significantly, weakening and minimizing, the previous influence, of the Pandemic Panel, and/ or, CDC, weakened, delayed, and harmed our response!

5. Procrastination: Blaming and complaining, avoiding decisive action, on a timely basis, and procrastinating, are factors, with undesirable ramifications!

6. Trump’s messaging: Some love this President’s style, while polls indicate, a majority, feel otherwise! However, when Trump’s articulated messages, change, often, often contradict his own experts, and, until, recently, kept minimizing the dangers, it makes it difficult to get people, to listen, stay home, and use Social Distancing. Because of the exponential manner, of this disease, how many more cases, might have occurred, because it took so long, to get many people to listen.

Wake up, America, there are dangers and ramifications, to who we vote for, especially, when that individual, exhibits the traits, discussed. Let’s pray for the health of the world, and a wiser, healthier, smarter future!

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