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Shopvro “Put The Masks On”

How spouse’s all the time making an attempt to get you to put on a masks
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  1. Alex Jones October 18, 2020

    You might be a “political scientist” if…

    You think a scarf on your face is effectively slowing the spread of this virus, while simultaneously believing…

    A widespread and long lasting natural human immune response isn’t dramatically slowing the spread of this virus.

  2. Alex Jones October 18, 2020

    Sorry, when shooting victims were counted as COVID deaths in Seattle… I absolutely don't believe that there were 200k or more deaths from the virus in America.

  3. Alex Jones October 18, 2020

    Cloth masks didn’t stop the Black Death

    Cloth masks didn’t stop the Great Plague

    Cloth masks didn’t stop the spread of small pox

    Cloth masks didn’t stop the flu virus

    Cloth masks aren’t an innovation of the 21st century…

    They probably don’t protect against COVID-19 either.

  4. Ken Price October 18, 2020

    I will not bowed to Satan (wearing a mask). My videos filmed in stores show you my words are true. When you know your authority, you will simple tell Satan, "NO" without justifying a personal excuse to comply. Stay Blessed Fam!

  5. bodys bye Blinn October 18, 2020

    Live free or die that's my states slogan

  6. ITALIAN SISTER October 18, 2020


  7. SOUTHERN LIFE October 18, 2020

    We live in a world where people Dont even have sense of humor anymore. Not even enough to realize this is a comedy skit??? Really.. we would record a regular argument between us and upload it? Unreal

  8. JL October 18, 2020
  9. Felicia Loprete October 18, 2020

    You said in another video that you wore a mask out of respect for others. You said it to an elderly gentleman sitting outside of a grocery store. Apparently that's changed.

  10. Ninger Queen October 18, 2020

    Put on that mask because they going till to plessasss listening to her your wife

  11. FloridaGrown October 18, 2020

    LMAO I think that bug was hanging out watching you guys the whole time!!😅👏

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