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Healthy Care Brow Lamination Kit Professional Eyebrow Lift Perming Kit Perfect Full Fluffy Sculpt Brows Styling Long Duration Easy To Use Home Salon Makeup
Price: $21.99
(as of Aug 25,2020 11:14:12 UTC – Details)

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💡What is brow lift/lamination?
Brow lamination is a process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction, who has any gaps in between said hairs, or who wants that groomed, brushed-up look.
💡How long does brow lamination last? 
Depending on your hairs, the results can last for up to eight weeks

💡How to finish a eyebrow sculpt with our eyebrow lamination kit?
1.Using the #1 cleanser lotion to clear off the oil,dust and make up residue on brows. 
2.Apply the #5 brow lift glue on the brows,
3.Brush brows by Y shape brush,then covering the clingfilm on brows for 10 minutes.
4.Apply #2 perm lotions on brows,covering the clingfilm on brows 10minutes. 
5.Apply #3 fixation lotions on brows,covering the clingfilm on brows for 10 minutes. 
6.Using the #1cleanser lotion to clearoff all perm residue.Finally,apply #4 nutrition lostions to repair the eyebrow.Covering the clingfilm on brows for 10 minutes. 
📍Cares after brow lamination procedure within 24hours 
1.Don’t get your eyebrows/lashes wet. 
2.Don’t use oil-based makeup removers. 
3.Don’t take a steamy, hot showers. 
4.Don’t apply eyebrow/lash makeup.
5.Don’t sleep face down.
✅【Natural Fullness】: New safety eyebrow set with uniform texture, creating 3D natural and perfect eyebrows. When the natural eyebrow brush is over, it will increase the thickness, volume and texture. Make your brow silky smooth.
✅【Long Duration】: After setting, it can be maintained for about 35 days, if good, it can be maintained for 45-60 days. Suitable for professional salon and personal home use. Please keep your eyebrows away from moisture for 24 hours after brow lamination.
✅【Exquisite Appearance】: The appearance is beautiful on any occasion-under special circumstances, your eyebrows will be ready at any time. With our eyebrow lifting kit, your eyes will be ready for a wedding, appointment or graduation ceremony.
✅【Package Includes】: 1*CLEANING, 1*PERM, 1*FIXATION, 1*NUTRITION, 1*BROW LIFT GLUE, 1*BROW BRUSH, 1*PLASTIC FILM. If you have any questions about our brow lamination kit, just feel free to contact us, thank you.

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