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COVID-19 Bill Gates says S. Korea taking lead in COVID-19 vaccine development

빌 게이츠, 문 대통령에 서한… “한국, 코로나백신 개발 선두”

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has sent a letter to President Moon Jae-in… expressing hope to further strengthen their cooperation in responding to COVID-19.
The Blue House said Sunday that Gates sent the letter last week,… praising South Korea’s efforts in quarantine and vaccine development.
Bill Gates said he was impressed with South Korea’s COVID-19 response, citing its excellent quarantine and the fact that the country’s private sector is leading efforts in vaccine development. Mister Gates expressed hope that he will be able to work together with the South Korean government so that people around the world can benefit from vaccines developed locally.
South Korean company SK Bioscience has secured 3-point-6 million U.S. dollars in research funding from the Gates Foundation to develop a vaccine.
If successful, it’s hoped that the company will be able to produce 200 million doses a year starting next June.
Gates also said that he plans to expand his foundation’s investment in Right Fund a non-governmental agency alongside South Korea’s health ministry and local biopharmaceutical firms to help developing countries.
In April, Moon and Gates spoke over the phone,… agreeing to step up their cooperation on developing coronavirus vaccines and treatments.

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