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Medical Supply Store Surgical Virus Mask  Surgical Products/ Healthy Medical Care Black Friday 2020

COVID-19 3M Face Mask Nose Pin Attaching Machine – Mask Making Machine

3M Face Mask Nose Pin Attaching Machine – Mask Making Machine

Om Shree Trading / Toe Tech Machines
Complete Solution of Footwear

Mr. Ashish Kumar Chhabra
Contact No.: 9810383153, 9871555376
Corr. Address: S-16, Dhruva Appt. Sector-13, Rohini, Delhi-110085
Office Address: F-33, 3rd Floor, DSIDC Industrial Area, Rohtak Road, Nangloi Delhi-110041
Service Center : Khasra No. 860/2, Phirni Road, Mundka Village, Nangloi, Delhi-110041
Email Id: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

We Are Dealing in Machines:-
Swing Arm Cutting Press Machine, Full Beam Cutting Press Machine, Travel Head Cutting Press Machine, Flat Sole Press, Drilling Machine With Table, Buffing Machine With Table, Strap Fixing Machine (With Air), Pad Printing Machine, Automatic Sole Edge Grinding Machine, Semi Automatic Sole Edge Grinding Machine, Sole Edge Grinding Machine With Strap Clamp, Automatic Sole Drilling Machine, Electric Strap Attaching Machine, Semi Automatic Strap Attaching Machine, Skiving Machine (New Machine) With Stand, Table, Motor, Numbering Stamping Machine Gold Foil for Leather, Stamping Machine, Pneumatic Embossing Machine, Code Dialing Embossing Machine, Soles trimmer Machine, Trimming Machine For Inner Lining After Shaping, Automatic Single Needle Trimming Thread Back-Stitching Sewing Machine, Automatic Double Needle Trimming Thread Back-Stitching Sewing Machine, Post Bed Single Needle Roller Feed, Post Bed Double Needle Roller Feed, Zig-Zag Machine With Stand, Table, Motor, Tape Binding Machine With Stand, Table, Motor, Zig-Zag Flat Bed Binding Machine, Cylindrical Bed Automatic Oil Function Sewing Machine, Rotary Fusing Machine, Automatic Rotary Fusing, Toe Puff Attaching Machine, Toe Mulling Machine, Counter Moulding Machine, Hot & Cold Counter Moulding Machine, Toe Moulding Machine, Hot & Cold Toe Moulding Machine With Flanger, Automatic Hydraulic Toe Lasting Machine 9 Pincer, (With Cement), Toe Lasting Machine (Refurbished), Seat Lasting Machine Fully Refurbished, Heel Seat Lasting Machine Without Cement, Hydraulic Sole Press Machine, Insole Moulding Machine, Chiller Machine, De Lasting Machine, Sole Marking Machine, Conveyor Double Layer, Conveyor Rod Type Lasting Pasting Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Packing Conveyor With Tube Light Stand & Fitting to Hang Tube Light, Roughing and Buffing Machine With Dust Collector, Brushing And Polishing Machine, Heat Setter Plant, Reactivator Lockdown, Mulling Chamber, Humidifire Machine, High Frequency Welding Embossing Machine, Bladder Type Sole Press Machine, Toe Conditioner, Upper White Glue Coating Machine, Skiving Machine, Stroble Machine With Stand, Table, Motor, Insole Sewing Machine Disc Feed, Stroble Machine With Stand, Table, Motor, Leather Sole Paint Machine Spray Booth, PVC Compound Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine, Thread Burner Indian Make, Thread Burner with Digital Display, Pu Pouring Machine 60 Station, Last Injection Moulding Making Machine, Full Automatic Rotary Type Plastic Sole Injection Moulding Machine, Shoe Last Ruff Turning Machine, EVA Spliting Machine, Single Channel Eyelet Machine, Double Channel Eyelet Machine, Steaming Machine for Shoes Upper, Hot Melt Glueing Machine, Latex Gluing Machine, Edge Cleaning Machine, Crimping Machine, Spliting Machine, P.P. Board Saving / Cleaning Machine, Pounding Machine Ladies, RUIZHOU Pattern Grinding Machine, Edge Folding Machine With Cement, Heel Nailing Machine, UV Machine, Sandal Stitching Sewing Machine, Slipper Stitching Sewing Machine, Shoe Stitching Sewing Machine, Side Wall Stitching Machine, Sole Stitching Machine, Slipper Making Machine, Shoes Making Machine, Sandal Making Machine

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